Notes on marginal with the IIA Ukraine Audit Commission member Vadym Kharchenko

Some thinkings about International Conference on Internal control, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud issues.

Today we talk with a member of the IIA Ukraine Audit Committee, the head of the Internal Audit of agro industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, Vadim Harchenko.

– Vadym, why are you interested in so the specific topic of the International Conference 2017?

– To my opinion it is the main event of this year related to internal controls of fraud and corruption prevention for professionals of an internal audit and control in private and public sectors. Speaking with my colleagues, I saw a success of the previous Conference 2016 and felt their exciting impressions. I am sure that this level of meeting is unique. No doubts that acquisition of other similar possibilities of communications and work experience will be sophisticated in Ukraine without the Institute of Internal Auditors Ukraine (IIA Ukraine). It is the real impulse to increase the value of audit and internal control process.

– I see you missed a previous Conference.

– You are right. I had some regrets about it. Every such International Conference is very important event for our professional environment.

– Why do you choose just the event organized by the IIA Ukraine?

– First of all, the objective of the International Conference 2017 is to organize promotion and popularization of very important relevant practice of strife against corruption. No secret that the violations and financial malpractices make up one of the depressant factors in an economic development and prosperity of Ukraine. There are the huge losses suffered by Ukrainian companies. Oleksandr Movchan in his previous interview provided global statistic about losses due to corruption and fraud. So here in Ukraine, this damage is many times as much and the topic of the Conference is more than relevant. There is the sufficient research of Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI-2016) made by the Transparency International.

It is important to note that the Members of IIA Ukraine’s Board have strong competences and appropriate business contacts to invite international lectors, public and politic figures, professionals, who have brought outstanding contribution in strife against corruption and development of internal controls in different large-scale organizations and even in some countries on the national level. Our guests (Conference speakers) will share willingly their experience and proprietary secrets of success. My colleagues have named those who have already agreed to take part in the Conference. Everybody from lectors deserve a special attention to be paid to.

Moreover, I would like to notice that the IIA Ukraine is not only bankers, but also the real sector of the economy, whose are representatives on the Board IIA Ukraine and represent the issues, trends and vectors of development not only of the financial sector. I think this is an important remark which will show you that IIA Ukraine and our conference in June is not a thing-in-itself and it’s difficult for understanding the private financial club, no, we are quite open debatable and expert platform for everyone who is interested.

– How have you assessed the situation with corruption in Ukrainian agriculture and food industry?

– Unfortunately the general situation has a significant impact not only to these areas of Ukrainian economic life. All of us know about this regularity. But implementation of the right corporate culture, creation of the appropriate control environment and the reliable internal controls bring positive results and remove the high risks of fraud and corruption. Now It is not only a theory of the international standards in Ukrainian reality. On the other hand, we have to understand the danger of wish to stop on this way, having some progress. You know, everything is dynamic in our life. So, you either move forward or back. There is no the third option!

– What would you wish the potential participants of the Conference?

– I would like to wish them not to hesitate, choosing an appropriate event for building networking, and make a decision to take part in this Conference. It would also be right to check the organizational work of the IIA Ukraine in 2017. As usual, it must be the best professional meeting, where experts of different fields can have necessary communications. It will be exclusive for everyone, who is concerned to develop the own career in this way and refresh knowledge of the best real practice through communications with colleagues from different countries.

– Thank you for taking a time for interview.

– You are welcome. I am glad to be part of the global progressive processes and help to support the important issues for Ukraine.

Kyiv, 20.04.2017

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