Notes on marginal with Anton Kuzupeev

A flash review which show you key things of our future conference in June 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

— Anton, thanks to you for your cooperation, please, tell us several or more worlds about your conference in June: why do you position it as international conference, what does it mean and what should expect the participants, for whatever reason was chosen a theme of the upcoming conference?

— Thank you for your questions, let’s order. First of all, a little bit background. The first test step to the quality conferences with an international component was made in 2013, when the first international conference of the new Institute Board was organised. After that, President of the Institute (Tetiana Lebedynets, ed. comment) took a break to rethink the Institute’s development strategy, ways to the team development and the idea that she wants to broadcast both the professional community and society as a whole.

— What do you think, do you find success?

— As a beginning, in the previous year, we have revived the international conferences on the Institute’s platform. New team of Institute in a short time organised a conference named “Corporate governance and internal control” with a wide representation of views and styles of work of professionals from Turkey, Austria, Italy, Poland, England, Armenia, Portugal and, of course, local experts (— ed. comment).

— Finally, how do you assess results?

— We received good media coverage in Ukraine and the excellent feedback from participants and speakers of the Conference. After information processing, we realised, we are on the right track and, therefore, as early as this June we are waiting all of you on our next International Conference in 2017.

— Let’s go back to the beginning of our conversation. For whatever reason, it was chosen such a theme of the conference – “Internal control and anti-corruption”?

— It’s obviously that community has been formed their needs to realise and identify the corruption and mechanic of this illness of society, how organised the mechanics of combating corruption in all its forms and manifestations. Outstanding example – the latest events in Romania. We, as a public organisation representing the views and interests of various strata of the population and sectors of the economy, could not stand aside and ignore the signals society. You know, well, the “Internal Control – is the cornerstone of any organisation, any form of ownership. Lack control – rampant corruption”. Another outstanding example of the very hot item – the corruption scandal in the well-known South Korean corporation ( — ed. comment). Consequently we see that the theme of the conference is more than relevant.

— Are you going to repeat the geography of the speakers this year?

— Yea and nay. Yes – we keep the status of an international conference, and not – we want to expand the geography! We will make every possible efforts to organise this year as an interesting discussion platform with plenty of all-round views represented not only by and for professionals a narrow focus of the Internal Audit and Control. Check for updates on the conference website and, in particular, do not hesitate to join us in our event —

We also have a page on Facebook, it contains news, announcements – it makes sense to subscribe for these updates ( — ed. comment).

— Thank you for the interview and good luck in the organisation of event.

— Thank you and see you at the conference in this June.


Thanks for the interesting conversation associate member of the Board of External Relations and the profession advocacy of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Ukraine Anton Kuzupeev.

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