Notes on marginal with Dr. Felice Isnardi

Dr. Felice Isnardi kindly agreed to answer questions about the upcoming Conference.

– Dr. Isnardi, the second time you take part in a conference in Kyiv. Is it becoming a good tradition?

– I hope so, I’m interested in the location of the event – Kyiv is a beautiful city and I like the approach of the Institute’s dynamic team. I can’t call myself a public figure, but this team was able to show me the meaning of their work and how my experience may help them. Thought about this I said to myself: “why not?”. And here’s a one-time visit turns into a good tradition.

– Dr. Isnardi, you are a professional and are more than well-known figure in the Italian Republicworld of law – how its correlate with internal control and audit, and, moreover, with the world of Finance?

– You know, all the same this is a stable pattern that is not entirely true. The function of the Internal Control lives not only in the financial sector. This is true for the Public sector and for companies with mixed ownership and to other industries and fields. The financiers simply have more coverage in the media.

However, how does your professional activity relate to the theme of the upcoming conference?

– First of all – the appeal court of Milan is the place where the proceedings in most cases related to financial and business affairs of public and private companies and the public sector as a whole. Just poor control in activities is the reason that we are investigating these cases, including assume that management took part in corruption.

– Dr. Isnardi, could you give an example or examples for understanding?

– For example, the last 2 cases in my direct production: it is the oldest Bank of the world -Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, as well as – Expo Milano 2015 (, and – Italian, approx. edition). In both cases there’s a turn in blind eye in the system of internal control, which had as a consequence acts of corruption.

Will you tell us about this at the conference?

– Let’s not be jumping the gun, come to the conference and see by yourself. I am open for communication. I am sure that during the panel discussions we will be able to talk a lot.

– Dr. Isnardi, thanks for the detailed interview.

Thank you for the interesting conversation to the Deputy Prosecutor General of the court of appeals, Milan Dr. Felice Isnardi.
Milano. 03.03.2017.

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