Notes on marginal with President of IIA Ukraine Tatiana Lebedynets

President of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Ukraine, Ms. Tatiana Lebedynets backstage preparations for the Conference.

– Tatiana, thanks to you for made time for this interview, we are understanding that is the midst of preparation now. Tell us, what is the message you put into the conference with such loud statement it top of the conference’s name.

– Oh, right off the bat! The name of the conference and the message that we want to bring in a professional community the downright relevant. The situation in the corporate world, political field in our country and in the world as a whole, have once again shown that the issue of corruption does not stop, and is reopening a new and new facts.

– How is your Institute can help in this fight?

– You know, corruption, as a risks, disroot at the zero is impossible, however, to learn to identify, qualify and implement practices that will increase control, and to keep track of control, to minimize this phenomenon, perhaps. This is what we want to convey to the professional community and society as a whole.

– How on earth?

– First of all – expertise. We attract on the conference’s platform the highest level experts, we have the authority and ability to invite them and Ukraine could get the best practice from possible in the current economic situation.

– Tatiana, what are you interesting for the society and why they should spend their time and money to participate in this conference in thesis?

– The fresh view at the profession from experts from Cyprus to Armenia and from England to Italy; Networking is a good opportunity at one point to meet and exchange contacts with their colleagues at home and abroad; to get access to the materials and thoughts of our guests; and of course, a get away from it all and for a little break away from the work routine, to be reloaded and to charge new positive energy.

– Are you going to speak at the conference?

– I’ll only say opening speech, my role as the fairy of the hearth, the main goal is the guests of our conference do not feel uncomfortable and that smile, lighting up their faces was not wisp of a smile.

– Tatiana, thanks to you and good luck.

Kyiv. 09.03.2017


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