Notes on marginal with the IIA Ukraine Board member Oleksandr Movchan

First-hand information about the forthcoming International Conference on Internal control, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Fraud issues.

– Oleksandr, please give us more details about the forthcoming event: why anticorruption and antifraud issues were selected as the major topics of the International Conference?

– Thank you. The topics of anticorruption and antifraud are very actual both in Ukraine and globally and are among the core risks that the organizations around the globe do face on a constant basis. Based on the annual “Report to the Nations”, in 2016 organizations have incurred losses of USD 6,3 billion globally due to fraud and corruption. This is truly a huge amount; it equals around 5% of the global Revenue earned in 2016. Thus, the question of minimization of such significant risks is always on the top of the agenda.

– And in what way, in your opinion, the Conference will help to find the answers on those questions?

– The presence at the Conference is already confirmed by such speakers, as Dr. Felice Isnardi, who is probably the most well-known anticorruption professional in Italy; Ben Amado – Director of internal audit of Citi bank, London; Dr. Erhan Yazgan – Chief auditor in the Central bank of Turkey; Stelios Georgakis – Assistant Director in the Supervision division of the Central bank of Cyprus; Komitas Stepanyan – Head of IT audit in the Central bank of Armenia. And the list of speakers from all around the world is still being updated with the new names. This is truly an inexhaustible source of knowledge and experience that the speakers are happy to share with every participant of the Conference. Where else in Ukraine is there a possibility to communicate with the global scale gurus in anticorruption and antifraud? This is indeed a unique chance that simply can’t be missed.

– What will be new at the forthcoming Conference in comparison with the one, held last year? Has the focus and the target audience changed?

– The Board of IIA Ukraine is constantly seeking to widen the spheres of interaction, to involve in the common dialogue the professionals from different sectors of economy – representatives from banking, industrial holdings, educational institutions. This year we set the target to invite for a discussion more representatives of the public sector, like representatives from the National bank of Ukraine, Ministry of defense, Kyiv state city administration. The topic of the forthcoming Conference allows harmonious combining of the interests of the TOP-management, internal audit, control and risking management professionals from both private and public sectors around the problems actual for all of us, being antifraud and anticorruption issues.

– What will be the most interesting for you personally at the Conference? Discussions of what topic are you most interested in?

– For me, as for the internal audit professional with more than 10 years experience both in Ukraine and abroad, the most interesting topic is the question of fraud and corruption indicators, or so called “red flags”. Basically, on what do internal auditors from different countries around the globe pay attention to identify fraud, how do they set priorities during time and resource limited internal audit engagements to minimize the risks of fraud and corruption to the level, acceptable for their organizations. Recently, together with the colleague from Poland, I’ve written the article dedicated to fraud indicators for one of the Polish magazines. For me it would be very interesting to complement my own experience with the knowledge and practical know-how from the colleagues from Italy, England, Cyprus and Armenia. That’s the chance I’m definitely not going to miss! I invite the colleagues to join me at the Conference – that’s, for sure, will be the lifetime experience!

– Sounds interesting. Thanks a lot for the interview.

– Thank you. And see you at the Conference.

Warsaw, 21.03.2017

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